Resis is dedicated to commercializing tools and services for the improvement of data-research integrity in scientific publishing. The company was founded in 2016 by Enrico M. Bucci, PhD. and Sonti Lanari.


After spending more than 20 years in biomedical research and several subsequent years investigating scientific fraud and developing new software to uncover it, I became confident enough to bring a new service to the market.

I am the director of our company.

Sonti Lanari


I spent my life in highly innovative tech companies, taking care of customers and major accounts, organizing events, following the development of new products and dealing with Big Data services.

I am in charge of public relations, finance and accounting.


Resis is a technology  micro-company with a small team of three people flanked by an international group of consultants, including programmers, legal advisors, forensic specialists and scientists. Further analysts will be hired according to demand to allow a flexible scale-up on large projects (more than 100 analyses per day).